"Everything you need to keep their tails wagging"


Our Taster Team

Our taster team is 3 adult working spaniels, all of which are very healthy, active and most importantly happy, their coats are all very shiny thanks to their very healthy raw food diets. They are eating 100% natural non processed food and this certainly shows improvements within our dogs.
Working Cocker Spaniel
Aged 6 years, he has been on a raw food diet for 5 years due to not being able to increase in weight whilst he was on kibble from the breeder at a young age, we have certainly noticed the difference in weight, fur coat, activeness and placidness and would never look back.
Working Cocker Spaniel
Aged 3 years, she was weaned on kibble and then transferred to raw food within a few weeks of getting her. We definitely noticed a difference in personality and she now has a waxy shiny coat. She is very active, friendly and loving.
Working Sprocker Spaniel
Aged 11 years, she has been on a raw food diet for the last 2 years and we definitely noticed a difference in her fur coat being very shiny, she is still very active and certainly keeps up with our other dogs whilst running after a ball. She is still very friendly and happy.
All 3

All 3 of our taster dogs testing out our hardwood rustic top dog bowl stands which are forsale in our shop. Pop in the shop and see them for yourself as they look amazing! Also custom made to suit your needs, single, double, triple bowl, hardwood, softwood, live edge, rustic look 16 or 21cm bowls. Contact us to order.